Contributing to nose2

Please do! nose2 cannot move forward without contributions from the testing community.

If you’re unsure how to get started, feel free to ask for help from the nose2 community via the mailing list.

The Basics

nose2 is hosted on github and use GitHub for issue tracking.

Please report issues and make feature requests here:

Submit changes as GitHub Pull Requests.

Code Contributions

The main rule is: code changes should include tests.

If you aren’t sure how to add tests, or you don’t know why existing tests fail on your changes, that’s okay! Submit your patch and ask for help testing it.

Local Dev Requirements

To run the tests you must have tox installed.

Optional but useful tools include make and pre-commit.

Running Tests

To run all tests:

$ tox

To run linting checks:

$ tox -e lint

You can also use make test and make lint for these.


nose2 uses black, isort, and flake8 to enforce linting and code style rules, and pre-commit to run these tools.

For the best development experience, we recommend setting up integrations with your editor and git.

Running pre-commit as a git hook is optional. To configure it, you must have pre-commit installed and run:

$ pre-commit install


If you need to bypass pre-commit hooks after setting this up, you can commit with --no-verify