Source code for nose2.plugins.doctests

Load tests from doctests.

This plugin implements :func:`handleFile` to load doctests from text files
and python modules.

To disable loading doctests from text files, configure an empty extensions list:

.. code-block :: ini

  extensions =

import doctest
import os

from nose2 import util
from import Plugin

__unittest = True

[docs]class DocTestLoader(Plugin): configSection = "doctest" commandLineSwitch = ( None, "with-doctest", "Load doctests from text files and modules", ) def __init__(self): self.extensions = self.config.as_list("extensions", [".txt", ".rst"])
[docs] def handleFile(self, event): """Load doctests from text files and modules""" path = event.path _root, ext = os.path.splitext(path) if ext in self.extensions: suite = doctest.DocFileTest(path, module_relative=False) event.extraTests.append(suite) return elif not util.valid_module_name(os.path.basename(path)): return name, package_path = util.name_from_path(path) # ignore top-level which cannot be imported if name == "setup": return util.ensure_importable(package_path) try: module = util.module_from_name(name) except Exception: # XXX log warning here? return if hasattr(module, "__test__") and not module.__test__: return suite = doctest.DocTestSuite(module) event.extraTests.append(suite)