Source code for nose2.plugins.loader.functions

Load tests from test functions in modules.

This plugin responds to :func:`loadTestsFromModule` by adding test
cases for all test functions in the module to ``event.extraTests``. It
uses ``session.testMethodPrefix`` to find test functions.

Functions that are generators, have param lists, or take arguments
are not collected.

This plugin also implements :func:`loadTestsFromName` to enable loading
tests from dotted function names passed on the command line.


Test functions can specify setup and teardown fixtures as attributes on the
function, for example:

.. code :: python

   x = 0

   def test():
       assert x

   def setup():
       global x
       x = 1

   def teardown():
       global x
       x = 1

   test.setup = setup
   test.teardown = teardown

The setup attribute may be named ``setup``, ``setUp`` or ``setUpFunc``. The
teardown attribute may be named ``teardown``, ``tearDown`` or ``tearDownFunc``.

Other attributes

The other significant attribute that may be set on a test function is
``paramList``. When ``paramList`` is set, the function will be collected
by the :doc:`parameterized test loader <parameters>`. The easiest way
to set ``paramList`` is with the :func:`` decorator.

# This module contains some code copied from unittest2/ and other code
# developed in reference to unittest2.
# unittest2 is Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Python Software Foundation; All
# Rights Reserved. See:

import inspect
import sys
import types
import unittest

from nose2 import util
from import Plugin

__unittest = True

[docs]class Functions(Plugin): """Loader plugin that loads test functions""" alwaysOn = True configSection = "functions" def registerInSubprocess(self, event): event.pluginClasses.append(self.__class__)
[docs] def loadTestsFromName(self, event): """Load test if is the name of a test function""" name = module = event.module try: result = util.test_from_name(name, module) except (AttributeError, ImportError): event.handled = True return event.loader.failedLoadTests(name, sys.exc_info()) if result is None: return parent, obj, name, index = result if ( isinstance(obj, types.FunctionType) and not isinstance(parent, type) and not inspect.isgeneratorfunction(obj) and not hasattr(obj, "paramList") and util.num_expected_args(obj) == 0 ): suite = event.loader.suiteClass() suite.addTests(self._createTests(obj)) event.handled = True return suite
[docs] def loadTestsFromModule(self, event): """Load test functions from event.module""" module = event.module def is_test(obj): if not obj.__name__.startswith(self.session.testMethodPrefix): return False if util.num_expected_args(obj) > 0: return False return True tests = [] for _, obj in util.iter_attrs(module): if isinstance(obj, types.FunctionType) and is_test(obj): tests.extend(self._createTests(obj)) event.extraTests.extend(tests)
def _createTests(self, obj): if not hasattr(obj, "setUp"): if hasattr(obj, "setup"): obj.setUp = obj.setup elif hasattr(obj, "setUpFunc"): obj.setUp = obj.setUpFunc if not hasattr(obj, "tearDown"): if hasattr(obj, "teardown"): obj.tearDown = obj.teardown elif hasattr(obj, "tearDownFunc"): obj.tearDown = obj.tearDownFunc tests = [] args = {} setUp = getattr(obj, "setUp", None) tearDown = getattr(obj, "tearDown", None) if setUp is not None: args["setUp"] = setUp if tearDown is not None: args["tearDown"] = tearDown paramList = getattr(obj, "paramList", None) if paramList is not None or inspect.isgeneratorfunction(obj): return tests else: case = util.transplant_class(FunctionTestCase, obj.__module__)(obj, **args) tests.append(case) return tests
class FunctionTestCase(unittest.FunctionTestCase): def __repr__(self): return f"{self._testFunc.__module__}.{self._testFunc.__name__}" id = __str__ = __repr__