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Profile test execution using cProfile.

This plugin implements :func:`startTestRun` and replaces
``event.executeTests`` with :meth:`cProfile.Profile.runcall`. It
implements :func:`beforeSummaryReport` to output profiling information
before the final test summary time. Config file options ``filename``,
``sort`` and ``restrict`` can be used to change where profiling
information is saved and how it is presented.

Load this plugin by running nose2 with the
`` option and activate it
with the `--profile` option,or put the corresponding
entries (`plugin` and `always_on`) in the respective
sections of the configuration file.

import cProfile
import logging
import pstats

from nose2 import events, util

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__unittest = True

[docs]class Profiler(events.Plugin): """Profile the test run""" configSection = "profiler" commandLineSwitch = ("P", "profile", "Run tests under profiler") def __init__(self): self.pfile = self.config.as_str("filename", "") self.sort = self.config.as_str("sort", "cumulative") self.restrict = self.config.as_list("restrict", []) self.fileno = None
[docs] def startTestRun(self, event): """Set up the profiler""" = cProfile.Profile() event.executeTests =
[docs] def beforeSummaryReport(self, event): """Output profiling results""" # write prof output to stream class Stream: def write(self, *msg): for m in msg:" ") stream = Stream() prof_stats = pstats.Stats(, stream=stream) prof_stats.sort_stats(self.sort)"Profiling results")) if self.restrict: prof_stats.print_stats(*self.restrict) else: prof_stats.print_stats() if self.pfile: prof_stats.dump_stats(self.pfile)"")