• New plugin: Added to support distributing test runs across multiple processes.
  • New plugin: Added nose2.plugins.testclasses to support loading tests from ordinary classes that are not subclasses of unittest.TestCase.
  • The default script target was changed from nose2.main to The former may still be used for running a single module of teststs, unittest-style. The latter ignores the module argument. Thanks to @dtcaciuc for the bug report (#32).
  • nose2.main.PluggableTestProgram now accepts an extraHooks keyword argument, which allows attaching arbitrary objects to the hooks system.
  • Bug: Fixed bug that caused Skip reason to always be set to None.


  • New plugin: Added nose2.plugins.junitxml to support jUnit XML output.
  • New plugin: Added nose2.plugins.attrib to support test filtering by attributes.
  • New hook: Added afterTestRun hook, moved result report output calls to that hook. This prevents plugin ordering issues with the stopTestRun hook (which still exists, and fires before afterTestRun).
  • Bug: Fixed bug in loading of tests by name that caused ImportErrors to be silently ignored.
  • Bug: Fixed missing __unittest flag in several modules. Thanks to Wouter Overmeire for the patch.
  • Bug: Fixed module fixture calls for function, generator and param tests.
  • Bug: Fixed passing of command-line argument values to list options. Before this fix, lists of lists would be appended to the option target. Now, the option target list is extended with the new values. Thanks to memedough for the bug report.


Initial release.