Reporting test results

Collect and report test results.

This plugin implements the primary user interface for nose2. It collects test outcomes and reports on them to the console, as well as firing several hooks for other plugins to do their own reporting.

To see this report, nose2 MUST be run with the verbose flag:

nose2 --verbose

This plugin extends standard unittest console reporting slightly by allowing custom report categories. To put events into a custom reporting category, change the event.outcome to whatever you want. Note, however, that customer categories are not treated as errors or failures for the purposes of determining whether a test run has succeeded.

Don’t disable this plugin, unless you (a) have another one doing the same job, or (b) really don’t want any test results (and want all test runs to exit(1)).

Configuration [test-result]


Sample configuration

The default configuration is equivalent to including the following in a unittest.cfg file.

always-on = True
descriptions = True

Plugin class reference: ResultReporter

class nose2.plugins.result.ResultReporter[source]

Result plugin that implements standard unittest console reporting


Handle afterTestRun hook


Handle startTest hook

  • prints test description if verbosity > 1

Handle testOutcome hook